A young boy carries a photo of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was the world's longest reigning monarch, The King died aged 88 on the 13 October 2016/2559.

Children's day in Thailand.

On the second Saturday of January the Thai people celebrate Children's Day by taking their children out to have fun. Many local authorities organise special events and other places of interests usually let children in for half price or even for free on this day. While children are considered as the assets and future of a nation, they however miss on the unrestricted freedom and enjoyment due to the present prevailing education system. Known as “Wan Dek”, Children’s Day in Thailand is celebrated to permit the children to live life in their style. Thailand marks the National Children’s Day on the second Saturday of January every year. Various celebration activities are organized for children by both government and commercial sectors to promote the welfare of the children.

Children are considered as the most valuable resource of the country. There is a Thai saying that goes, "Children are the future of the nation, if the children are intelligent, the country will be prosperous." To help stimulate children to be aware of their significant role in the country, the National Children's Day was held for the first time on the first monday of October 1955 and continues till today.

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21.12 | 10:25

Is there anyway to sponsor or adopt a child..

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Love it, I miss Myanmar very much —

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Phnom Penh seems a good place to try and have fun. I would like to plan a tour fo there after mine

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Kuala Lumpur seems a great place to try and have fun. I am thinking to visit this place after my to have fun.