‘Wing Kwai’ Buffalo Races Festival Chonburi

The Chonburi Buffalo Racing festival

The Chonburi Buffalo Racing (Wing Kwai) is a famous competition that has been held annually for over 140 years. It is a unique activity that happens specifically in the Chonburi province and is a cultural activity to express gratitude to the buffalos. Farmers get together with their buffaloes and enter various contests such as a beauty contest, fashion contest, or event a most healthy contest. It is an amazing event for tourist and local community members alike to enjoy a period of appreciating hardworking buffaloes. The Buffalo races are at a break neck speed, reminiscent of a stampede. The crowds go crazy, backing their chosen rider. 

The riders and buffalo owners take the racing very seriously indeed, there are prizes for the first Buffalo nose past the finish line. All racing animals are kept in tip top condition and following a strict training program leading up to the event.


The races are split into 3 categories, for small, medium and large buffalos. You can also see other contests too including best dressed buffalo, which is divided into two categories, one being beautiful and the other is funny. There’s also a prize for the healthiest buffalo. It’s a bit like Cruft’s Dog Show in the UK, except you get to race with your animal over a 100 metre dash!


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Love it, I miss Myanmar very much —

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