Maeklong Railway Market

Here comes the Train..
Another crazy Thai market.

Maeklong Railway Market

The name of the market, Talad Rom Hoop, roughly translates to closing an umbrella or awning. This probably doesn’t make any sense yet, but you’ll soon understand why. As the name Maeklong Railway Market suggests, part of the market is situated on the railway. Every morning till late in the evening, this market springs to life selling a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, snacks, and clothes and accessories. However, what makes the market unique and exciting is the fact that a train will run through the market 8 times a day, every day of the week.

The action at the railway market begins several minutes before the train is due to pass through the market. As soon as the siren signals the arrival of the train, everything stops. Shoppers will hop off the tracks, and vendors will quickly pack their goods and prepare to close/retract their awnings from the train track as the train passes by. This process happens fairly quickly since the awning poles have wheels attached. Once the train is gone, its business as usual as if nothing happened. For the locals, they are neither excited nor annoyed by this event since the market has been here long before the railway was setup in 1905.

Thais call this place Talad Rom Hoop Market / Market Umbrella Pulldown.
I had always wondered about these fish. I was told they are slightly salted and you eat them with rice, vegetables and a spicy sauce. The bones inside has been removed so they can bend the fish into this bamboo basket so you buy the whole thing in basket and just put it in your steamer.
Pickled raw baby crabs, you mix them with Papaya salad...
A huge selection of dried shrimp.
Honey as fresh as you can get it...
Wasn't sure till I got up close...BBQ Frogs.!!
How close does the train come..

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