A great floating market at Hat Yai.

No paper or bags, everything s served in these Banana leaves and is cheap & tasty. These fish cakes were 20 Baht.

Southern Thailand

This is not a touristy part of Thailand, which is why I went only as far as Hat Yai and then looped around and headed north again. There were three bombings and a nurse was killed while I was there. 

The sad thing is that I met a lot of good people many of them Muslims but once again the extremist losers rule by fear with their cowardly acts. How brave were these three little turds to pick on a nurse on her way home. The lowest most cowardly scum in the world. Like most extremists.

These images are from Hat yai Floating Market, a traditional Muslim market which was full of very friendly people many of them visitors from Malaysia. You order a dish and they put in the basket and you simple retrieve it and place money back in basket. 


Its a busy & friendly market.
Siamese fighting fish.
One of the many Mosques you find all over Thailand.
One of the many Army / Police roadblocks I encountered on my trip. In the south they are very serious because of the number of bombings.
Why I didn't stay too long.. Bomb blasts rock Hat Yai. HAT YAI: -- Four separate bomb blasts hit Hat Yai district of Songkhla on Tuesday causing injuries to five people. A fifth bomb found near the entrance to apartments inside Prince of Songkhla Hospital was safely defused. The first bombs separately went off at about 1.30pm in front of 7 Eleven convenient store on Ponpichai Road and near the police flats opposite Hat Yai police station. The blast at the police flats damaged many vehicles as it the bomb had been placed near the police station's parking area. Fire fighters rushed to the scene to control the flames caused by the explosions. Later reports said two more bomb blasts hit an area near Hat Yai railway station as well as close to Robinson department store. A further bomb was found near the flats in Prince of Sonkhla Hospital but the bomb squad as able to defuse it in time.

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Is there anyway to sponsor or adopt a child..

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Love it, I miss Myanmar very much —

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