Trip 2

Threading your way through traffic is hard work but its the only way to get anywhere in the constant jam...

Friday, trying to circumnavigate Bangkok.


Today I had to battle Bangkok traffic, population 10 million and most of them seemed to be on the road this morning. I had just passed my first accident when a cop sitting on his bike at the side of the highway flagged me to pull over. Being a person who learns fast, I realised it was Friday and the police need money for the weekend. I thought I'm not conributing to the end of the month drinking/gambling fund like I did on the way up. So I looked at the pick up truck next to me like it was him he was waving at and just kept riding, I figured I had done nothing wrong so he would'nt chase me, plus I was doing over a 100kmp and he was on a Honda Click (125cc). I was right, he waited for some other sucker Farang to get some tea money from.
About an hour later I has just finished a coffee and was just about to pull out of the gas station and back onto highway when I saw these two highway patrol cops watching me. I knew right away that they also want to go gambling/drinking with the farangs money ...Because of my dark visor they can't see my face so I pretend to say goodbye to a car pulling out ( to show I have friends)..then I simply turn left without looking at them and join the highway about a kilometre down the road...Phew.....Friday is hard work on Thai roads. After that I saw probably another 6 roadblocks so I hid behind trucks or buses so they would'nt see the farang on his bike..They were seriously out in force today....But no money from me....These were not the security checkpoints which are never a problem, these are police traffic stops where they tell you what you did wrong and how much you pay...



One of the many hazards on the road in Thailand is people driving/riding the wrong way on the road. This is because they are too lazy to go down the road and do a Uturn. This includes trucks, pick ups, cars, buses, bikes etc. One time two Police on motorbikes passed me going the wrong way both carrying bird cages and riding with one hand. You also have to be careful of people stopped in the bike lane.
Salt for sale.
A suburban taxi.
Motorbike taxi. But the Police won't pull them over. Only the driver needs a helmet. How ridiculous a law is that.???
I have seen just about everything being carried on a bike. From wardrobes to huge plasma TV's.
Its amazing to watch the number of girls who ride side saddle and are so relaxed & comfortable with it.
Need a Basket?

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Is there anyway to sponsor or adopt a child..

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Love it, I miss Myanmar very much —

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Phnom Penh seems a good place to try and have fun. I would like to plan a tour fo there after mine

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Kuala Lumpur seems a great place to try and have fun. I am thinking to visit this place after my to have fun.