Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son.

One of the many flowers growers in this part of Thailand. Some of these towns are really pretty.
Getting gas for the bike in rural Thailand.
The view from the top of Thailand. Doi Inthanon. Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand. This mountain is an ultra prominent peak and was also known in the past as Doi Luang or Doi Ang Ka, meaning the crow's pond top.

Mae Hong Son Loop.

Northern Thailand. 3 days / 700kms /  2224 curves
This sign is for the many people who get car sick because of the constant turning. Its a crazy road with many twists and turns, most of them hairpins. Every time you pass one turn you can see the next turn right away. And of course sometimes there are drops of hundreds of feet if you misjudge that turn so its hard to enjoy the view as the ride takes all of your concentration. Plus you have to be aware of drivers coming round the bends on the wrong side of the road, especially the van drivers, From Chiangmai to Mae Hong Son, you ride through 2224 curves in a 260 km journey.!! I'm not sure if this is true but it feels like it when you are on the bike. An amazing ride.

The car sickness sign. It’s fair to say you should not be on this trip if you get car sick. The 1,864 curves on this do tend to cause car sickness for a lot of people. The roads are very windy and the sharp bends are in a very rough condition. But having said all that it is still an amazing journey.
Two very cool ladies I met this morning when I was looking for a coffee shop that was open. They said I could have a cup with them and made me a coffee that was so thick and sweet the spoon stood up by itself. It certainly gave me a kickstart...
Todays ride....Chang Mai to Pai, over 200 kilometers and 762 bends, the roads are steep with very sharp curves, many are hairpin turns. But its a beautiful ride with some great scenery through the highlands of Mae Hong Son province. Crossing Doi Inthanon, Thailands highest mountain.
Some parts of this road are beautiful but you need to take care on the many sharp bends and really badly potholed road.
Local gasoline station.
Some small stalls with great roofs.
I never get tired of the many beautiful Temples you find everywhere in Thailand.
These huge jars are used for catching water in the wet season and storing it for the dry season.
A hill tribe couple fish in the river.
Autumn in Northern Thailand.
One of the many Police & Army checkpoints on the road. I have passed through 40-50 of these with never a problem. Often you get a salute or wave, always a smile.
A young Hill Tribe mother.
An Evening sky showing the smoke in the air from all the fires.
Looking very dry in the west.

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