Riding to Pattaya on a very gusty windy day.

Bangkok & Pattaya

How was my day today ?
Well thanks for asking..
Well it started off very nicely. I went to the floating market to take some pics and found a great coffee shop there so that was a bonus. Then I got ready for what I thought would be a fairly easy ride from Ratchaburi to Pattaya. Headed off and the first hour I just cruised along, got pulled over at a Police checkpoint, showed them my Thai license and got lots of smiles and laughs when they realised I had ridden from Phuket. The wind was picking up a bit but it still seemed OK.
Then while I was trying to cross the middle of Bangkok it all went to shit. Got to the highway my GPS was telling me to get on only to find the Police had shut it down because of something to do with the protests. I then had a lot of trouble finding an alternative route,
so I did my usual thing and found a motorbike taxi and asked him to guide me to another exit road. 40 minutes later we were there, the Forza is an amazing bike for cruising on the highway but it isn’t made for zipping down back lanes and through little eating areas etc in Bangkok !!
Anyway got on the proper road and thought I was on the way when after overtaking another oil belching, smelly f@#$% lorry I ended going up to the Tollway where bikes are not allowed. Normally this is not a problem and they just wave me away. But today two members of the Royal Thai Police were there and decided that it was time for a weekend bonus. They told me I was being fined 1000 Baht ($39.00 Aus), but I remembered my friend Somsong and how she never pays the whole fine when they give her a ticket for having no license. So I told them “please I have no money, I go to meet family and they not give me money”. They said “how much you have” and I said only 200 Baht ($6.80 Aus), luckily I had the two hundred and fifty baht in my front pocket which was my change from the last gas station. He looked very disgusted at the poor cheap farang and said “Ok Jame we fine you 200 baht”.(Thais can't say James, only Jame) I gave him the money (he would’nt give me a receipt?) and he saluted me and let me ride off down the Tollway to the next exit. So instead of a 3 hour pleasant ride I spent over 5 hours on some of the worst roads in the world with some of the worst drivers in the world on a hot very gusty and windy day. I rode through the middle of Bangkok on a Friday lunchtime trying to keep up with a motorbike taxi! I saw two trucks flipped over in a 500 metre stretch of highway!....But I arrived safely and tomorrows another day. Time for a very cold beer..Cheers.ha ha        
Truck #1 rolled over in the high winds.
Truck #2
Street lights in Ratchaburi.
A beautiful Wat near Ratchaburi.
Sunset Pattaya.
Pattaya by night.
No shortage of Neon in this city.
This is a real party town.

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Is there anyway to sponsor or adopt a child..

28.02 | 03:36

Love it, I miss Myanmar very much —

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