Ranong to Hua Hin.400kms

Heading to Hua Hin.
A Monk waits for his ride back to the Temple.
An older lady makes breakfast as she has done for years..
A very cool Tattoo shop in Hua Hin.
A monk heads back to the Temple after the morning blessings.
Not a great start and some really crappy roads as usual.
I think we managed to get everything loaded.!!
There are some beautiful Temples and buildings along the way.
I managed to get the bike up to the top of this hill which has a very large Buddha on top.
Another Wat ( Temple )
A dog sits guard at a Temple.
On the road to the Coast.
A typical family.
Crabs in a seafood restaurant...
Hua Hin Fishing boats.

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21.12 | 10:25

Is there anyway to sponsor or adopt a child..

28.02 | 03:36

Love it, I miss Myanmar very much —

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