Crossing from Ranong to Kawthaung, Burma.

Burma seen from the Longboat 30 minutes from Thailand.


Ranong, located in the south of Thailand on the West coast of the Andaman Sea is a gateway to Myanmar and an ideal place for visa runs for those living in the South of Thailand.  
Just a 30 minute long tail boat ride across the Kraburi River and you will be stepping into the bustling border town of Kawthaung, Myanmar.

Long tail boats are ready and waiting at the Saphan Phalar Jetty in Ranong where you stamp out of Thailand at the small immigration office. More than likely there will be an eager and enthusiastic boatman ready to escort you to his wooden long tail boat to take you across to the Myanmar immigration. Once you have your Myanmar stamp you can officially stay in the country for up to 10 days although you are not allowed to leave the town and can only travel up to 5km from immigration. 

One thing you must have for your visa is an unmarked, not folded crisp $10 US bill.

Burmese kids with the traditional sun screen on.
Young Monks.
A very friendly & helpful guy I met.
Young Burmese girl.
My guide Ali.
The beautiful Temple on the hill .
Young boys at prayer.
A normal family motorbike.
The Immigration office in Burma.

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