The best cruising bike ever..

Penny on my new bike, she looks much better on it than me....

HONDA Forza NS300

Riding the Forza NS 300 around Thailand.

This is an awesome touring bike, comfortable with enough power, you can cruise on 100kph all day and have enough in reserve to overtake trucks etc. Having ridden a Honda PCX over 5000kms around Thailand there is no comparison. The Forza may be double the price but it is double the bike (for touring). With high beam on, it has a huge presence on the road. While I love Black bikes (my PCX was Matt Black) I chose White because I can see how much more visible it was on the road. 

I drove over 500kms a day on a couple of occasions and found it no problem. On Thai roads this is something special. I love this bike.

The sign says it all....

The Forza NSS300

Forza meaning strength and forcefulness in Italian - makes its debut for 2014 as Honda’s first maxi scooter introduced to North America in over a decade. While both the scooter and nameplate are new, this models lineage does have a history in North America.

Despite the shared lineage, this new Forza has little in common with the Reflex of old. The third generation Forza is an entirely new and superior machine from the frame to the high tech motor.

The heart of the Forza is a 279cc 4-stroke, liquid cooled single cylinder engine. This motor boasts fuel injection and a 4-valve design, both of which were absent on the Reflex. Another nice technological touch is the addition of roller rocker arms, which reduce drag and wear on the valve/camshaft system. The result of these refinements and the extra 30cc is a nearly 30% horsepower increase from 19 HP to 24.5 HP. Torque is also nicely topped up from 15.2 ft-lbs up to 19 ft-lbs.

The Forza maxes out close to 95 mph in favourable conditions. Accordingly, this machine is entirely at home even on the highway. Windy days or the extra drag of a passenger won’t prevent the Forza from flowing with traffic or even passing at will.

Instrumentation in the Forza is comprehensive, with four analog gauges surrounding a central LCD screen. In addition to fuel, velocity and engine RPM, this array also displays time, temperature and multiple trip odometers.


Autumn in Chiang Mai.
Heading out for the Southern Thailand trip.
Can you spot the Forza?
The Forza at the White palace, Chiang Rai.
My friend Somsong tries out the Forza...and likes it.
Motorbike riding, Thai style.
The Forza is ready and so am I...
My Honda PCX 150.
Ready to head out in the morning, camera around my neck.

Ishmal Jane 21.10.2019 10:36

I also love riding much to have an exciting time. I enjoyed it at Brooklyn Bridge during my and it was awesome

Manfred Rueger 10.10.2014 05:09

Thanks a lot for your very nice report. I am living in Bangkok and driving Forza 300 since August 2014. Really enjoy it. Maybe we could ride sometimes together?

Alex 02.10.2014 06:47

Hi, nice blog, I would like to ask you how is the Forza compared to the PCX 150 (can handle it) matter of seat height, I want a Forza but I am only 164cm tall

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Is there anyway to sponsor or adopt a child..

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Love it, I miss Myanmar very much —

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Phnom Penh seems a good place to try and have fun. I would like to plan a tour fo there after mine

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Kuala Lumpur seems a great place to try and have fun. I am thinking to visit this place after my to have fun.